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What's happening in 2013...

With this being the last year of the Marsh Lane tenancy, the HAHA committee are doing all they can to speed the process of renewal. Plotholders are encouraged to keep their plots in tip-top condition so that the Council and Landlord can see what a great asset the site is to Hungerford!

The year started wet, we hope this will not mean another year like 2012!

January 2013

A wet start to 2013, in the form of snow and lots of it!
So, very little action on the site, other than picking a few leeks and other Winter veggies.

February 2013

Another wet month and cold. Still not much activity on the site, but there is some new growth as you can see on this well-kept plot below.

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March 2013

Snow again in March, but there was some dry weather which meant we could get some digging done and lots of the plots are looking loved again :-)

And in mid-March, we got our toilet delivered! Very convenient for those of us who want to spend a few hours on the site. It's on loan while we investigate whether a more permanent solution can be found.

April 2013

Definitely April, with sunshine and showers. Signs of life and new growth which are very welcome though.
Our first working party of the year involved clearance of empty plots to make them more welcoming to newcomers in what, we desperately hope, is not our final year.

Committee at work

Playing with fire!

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May 2013

What a slow year! Spring is barely sprung even by the end of May, though the birds of Marsh Lane know it's on its way! We welcomed some new plotholders who are working hard to get their plots ready for planting. Spare plants are appearing on the shares table so people are getting things into the ground but not very much growth yet...

June 2013

We received the welcome news that the Marsh Lane lease would be extended for a further 2 years rather than being terminated in April 2014. Very relieved plot holders gathered at the HAHA AGM for our best attended AGM to date.

Hungerford Guides

The Hungerford Guides took on a plot - growing sweetcorn and pumpkins. A couple of hours work should produce something to harvest in a few months.


HAHA started the 'unusual veg' plot. Growing vegetables which aren't normally found at a supermarket. The crops will be included on the HAHA stand at Hungerford Food Festival at the end of September.

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July 2013

What a difference a 30° heatwave makes! And thank goodness for our water supply! Most plotholders were relieved when we finally got some rainfall.

August 2013

We've had an interesting year with different wildlife visiting the site - we've had more toads and perhaps that's why we've also been joined by a grass snake. Though, grass snakes and netting don't mix and perhaps after being caught up for the 5th time it may have decided to move on...

There was a good turnout of plotholders at the Royal British Legion Show. Marsh Lane plotholders won several of the prizes. Here's a sample of some of our winning produce - including the funny shaped vegetable!

The HAHA plot is growing well and one half is completely over-run with squashes - here's the biggest at the moment: A Golden Hubbard.

Golden Hibberd

We're looking forward to the Open Afternoon (22nd September) and then the Food Festival (29th September) so are encouraging all plotholders to tidy up their plots.

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September 2013

We were so lucky with the weather for our first Open Day! The sun shone and the carrot arrows from the High Street encouraged more than 80 visitors to the site. A great success and encouraging us to think ahead for next year.












The end of September was busy with the following weekend being the Hungerford Food Festival. We again had our patch at the top of the stairs and wowed visitors with our display of coloured vegetables, including the many varieties of squash grown on the HAHA plot and donated by plotholders.

October 2013

HAHA arranged for deliveries of manure for the plotholders. £1 per barrowful.

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November 2013

December 2013