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Fairfields came available to the allotmenteers in November '09 when it was generously provided by Sovereign Housing. Lorraine Adams from Sovereign Housing worked with the Hungerford Town Council allotment committee, including Elizabeth Cardwell & Peter Harries to have the site cleared and divided into 24 plots of about 1 pole each.

Fairfields is an in-town site, with no vehicle access.

The Fairfields site has a local committee which is represented on the HAHA committee - see the newsletter for contact details. Any problems or concerns should be raised with the HAHA committee.

HAHA Committee members:
Tony Lavers (Plot 10)
Paul Carter (Plot 14)

The allotmenteers have continued with improvements to the site. Fairfields have chosen to utilize the old wash house buildings to obtain run off water - the water butts are a fast breeding community coming from recycled wheelie bins & old drums and will be connected together using the remaining grant money from the AONB. 

Plant Sale in June 2010

Grant Cheque for Fencing


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Oliver Cripps AONB Cheque

In July the cheque was officially handed to Fairfields by North Wessex Downs AONB representative Oliver Cripps - the fencing, which was in a poor state of repair has been replaced. The day was marked by a guide of the site for Oliver and Sovereign Housing's Lorraine Adams, along with Peter Harries, Denise Gaines and Elizabeth Cardwell of Hungerford Town Council.
Congratulations to Helen (Plot 23) for winning the best allotment prize in the Hungerford in Bloom competition!

May/June 2011

Geoff Greenland resigned as HAHA Secretary and Belinda & Jamie resigned as HAHA committee members but are still helping with the website and forum.

A HAHA/HEAT barbecue was held at Marsh Lane - with all Fairfields/Marsh Lane plotholders and friends welcome.


July 2011

The first HAHA AGM was attended by plotholders from both Marsh Lane and Fairfields at the Royal British Legion in Hungerford - details and photo on the Meetings page.

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May 2012

Fairfields plotholders held a HAHA plant fair on the Hungerford Town Hall steps with plants, books and cakes provided by plotholders from both sites. It was well attended with all sales being split between both sites.

July 2012

The second HAHA AGM was held at the Royal British Legion. Minutes will be posted to the minutes page as soon as they are available in draft format. The meeting was quite a small gathering but discussions were lively and interesting. A new chairman was nominated along with some changes to the HAHA committee - the committee page has been updated accordingly.

It is hoped that we can get more people to attend in the future.

HAHA was represented at the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) 40th birthday celebration "The Bountiful Landscape Market" held at Hungerford Town Hall. Allotment holders provided produce and manned the stall throughout the day; letting visitors know about the allotment sites, how we'd been helped by the AONB grants and showed children how to sow beans into hand-made paper pots.

September 2012

The Hungerford Food Festival was a great success and the HAHA stall was stocked with vegetables and jars of pickles, chutneys and jams made by our excellent plotholders!
Thanks to Ted who did so much work on and before the day and to all the plotholders who helped on the day, provided display items or popped up to visit the stall.

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June 2013

The Fairfields site lease has been renewed on an annual rolling-contract.

The old doors were replaced and repainted by the Newbury Furniture project - and they look really good! The old doors are being used as a compost store.

August 2013

Thanks to Tony Lavers for sorting out the plumbing on the water butts. This should make a more efficient way of collecting water from the downpipe.

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2015 August

The Fairfields site continues to run smoothly. It has a plot for the Primary School children to help tend.

Photos are sparse, but Fairfields plotholders continue to help out at HAHA events and meetings so their photos are often posted to the Marsh Lane webpage and Facebook account.

Your own photos of the Fairfields site are very welcome additions. If you have some you would like to share please send them to the webmaster.