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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to keep this updated with answers regarding HAHA, the Fairfields site and the Marsh Lane site.

I would like a Hungerford allotment, what do I do?

There are two waiting lists; one for Marsh Lane and one for Fairfields. Please contact the Waiting List Secretary with your full name, address and contact details and you will be contacted with further information.
How many people are on the waiting lists at present and where am I on the list? Please contact the Waiting List Secretary for up to date information. Note that some people may be waiting for a specific plot so they will remain on the list until that particular plots becomes avaialble.
I've got a problem regarding ...<anything allotment related> All problems/queries should be directed to HAHA; the Council has passed the responsibility to us and will not generally be able to answer any queries.
Please contact the HAHA Secretary with any problem. It will be discussed with the committee as necessary and you will be contacted.
Am I allowed a shed on my plot?

Unfortunately no structures (including poly-tunnels) are allowed, as per the agreement between the Landlord and Hungerford Town Council.

Fairfields plot holders will be nominated a shed on-site; Marsh Lane plotholders can use the on-site container for storing certain tools - this should be requested through the committee.
Can I have chickens on my plot? No livestock is allowed on the sites - this includes dogs, even if on leads.
I want to terminate my agreement - what should I do? Contact the waiting list secretary with details of when you want to terminate. Your plot will then be offered to the person who is at the top of the appropriate waiting list. It cannot be passed on to anyone who is not on the waiting list.
I need a larger (or smaller) plot. What can I do? Contact the waiting list secretary with details of your requirement. Only legal tenants are official plot holders so do not make 'deals' with fellow plotholders. The waiting list policy must be adhered to.
How big are the plots?

The plots are measured in poles - a pole is approximately 25m squared.
Fairfields plots are about 1 pole each - tenancy is restricted to one plot per household, with a minimum of 1 pole.
Marsh Lane plots are between 1 and 6 poles - tenancy is restricted to 6 poles per household, with a minimum of 1 pole.

Is there a problem with having fruit trees on my plot? Please contact the Committee with your plans. There are specific rules regarding trees - among other things they must not be planted directly into the ground and mustn't interfere with your neighbouring plots.
How can I write or view things on the HAHA forum? You can use a Google, Facebook or Yahoo account to apply to join the forum. Follow the instructions after clicking this link.
I really need some netting, what can I do? Plot holders can buy discounted netting, fleece, etc. from our Seed Secretary.
Why become a member of HAHA?

Membership is free.

  • As a member you will get additional discounts on anything you purchase through the Seed Secretary.
  • You'll be able to vote at AGMs and have the opportunity to become a committee member.
  • Exclusive RHS Membership Offer for Hungerford Allotment Holders Association (HAHA) Members

    HAHA is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).  The RHS has launched an exclusive membership offer to members of affiliated societies.  This gives a 30% reduction on a year's individual membership of the Society. 

    Membership gives unlimited free days out at 80 RHS or associated gardens, personalised gardening advice, monthly magazine plus other all year round benefits.  The discounted annual membership fee is £35.70 and you get a  £5 RHS shop/plant centre voucher on joining.  The criteria for getting the reduced membership is that you must be a HAHA member and pay your RHS subscription by direct debit.

    urther details and application forms for RHS membership can be obtained from the HAHA Treasurer:

  • You can register on the HAHA forum to see photos and share recipes, news, etc.
I have some useful information I want to share with my fellow plotholders! It would be great if people shared their useful info on the forum, but if you can't do that please contact the committee who can pass appropriate messages on.
I have some manure/wood/etc. that I'd like to sell or give to anyone on the sites who has a use for it. The forum or Facebook should be used to provide this sort of buying/sharing information. However, you can also keep the items on your plot and put a notice on the notice board for people to contact you or collect it. Please don't leave items in the communal area, unless agreed in advance with the committee.